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Schöne Töne – Radio 1

Sven starts his own weekly radio program Schöne Töne on Radio 1/Berlin. The show will be broadcasted every Thursday from 11 pm to 1 am, starting on May 4th. It will also be streamed on Radio 1's website.
Sven will play multi-genre music that he likes with a focus on modern classical ideas.

Schöne Töne
Radio 1 Stream (upper right side)

Back in Buenos Aires

Sven is once again collaborating with the National University San Martin of Buenos Aires. Together with rector Carlos Ruta, he is holding a speech at the university about modern Humanism in Art. 
His choir work I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain will be performed by Sven and Ensemble Vocal Contemporáneo del DAMus at Centro de las Artes in a special UNSAM production. The concert will be conducted by Kristjan Järvi.
In 2013, Sven received the prestigious ‘Maestro’ title by the University and regularly returns to Buenos Aires for collaborating projects.

BBC Singers

For the second time Sven teams up with the fabulous BBC Singers. The choir’s unrivalled expertise in performing the best of contemporary music has brought about creative relationships with some of the most important composers and conductors of the 20th and 21st centuries, including Poulenc, Britten, Judith Bingham and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.
Sven's first work with BBC Singers has been for the collaboration with Pet Shop Boys on A Man from the Future, premiered in 2015 at Royal Albert Hall in London during the Proms.
This time they are staging I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain at London's Barbican Center during the Sound Unbound Festival on April 30th.

Sound Unbound Festival

BBC Singers

Composer in Residence

Sven is Composer in Residence at 3 renowned festivals and orchestras in 2017:

July – Spanish National Orchestra and Choir / Madrid

August – 25th Anniversary of Chamber Music Festival Moritzburg / Dresden

September – Enescu Festival / Bukarest

Moritzburg Festival
Enescu Festival

South by Southwest

Sven will play 2 shows at the SxSW festival together with renowned University of Texas Chamber Singers, conducted by James Morrow.
The concerts are supported by Initiative Musik.
South by Southwest (abbreviated as SXSW) is an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, US. It is the biggest showcase festival in the world with more than 1.000 international acts.
12 acts not to miss at SXSW

Release of Meernacht video

You can watch and listen now to Meernacht from the album I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain. We released the music video with the hypnotic visuals by Mani M. Sigfusson exclusively on the beautifully selected YouTube channel 'jybh012-When all the warmth leaves us'. Also take a look at the other pieces from their selection.
You may also find Bell Sound Falling Like Snow from Pocket Symphonies
in its original orchestra version.
jybh012 – channel

Happy birthday Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

We are fascinated by the architectural masterpiece and very excited do be able to perform I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain here on March 25th.
We can`t wait to explore the unique sound quality of Gemany´s new cultural landmark.
Unfortunately, the show is already sold out.
Explore the new Elbphilharmonie

I Eat The Sun And Drink The Rain – Tourstart

We are happy to see, that I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain had a very good start after the release. We played some enthusiastically received shows in Hamburg, Berlin, Weimar, Gdansk and Vilnius so far.
Next year will see many shows in different countries. Hope to see you somewhere.
The first album and live reviews are coming in as well:
Drowned in Sound
Ambient Blog
Planet Hugill
Freihe Presse


Today, my new album I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain is ready to find you. It has been a long way since Pocket Symphonies and I am happy to offer you my next step today, which includes choir music, electronics and even my own lyrics.
Thank you very much to the wonderful Vocalconsort Berlin and Kristjan Järvi and to anybody involved in this. Special thanks to the crew at my label Neue Meister.

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Release Abendglühen video

ABENDGLÜHEN is the first song of Sven's upcoming album I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN. Visual artist Sebastian Linda created a beautiful clip for it.
The 3 times-web-video-price winner works with Sven for the second time.
The album will be out September 9th on the new Berlin based label NEUE MEISTER and features Vocalconsort Berlin, conducted by Kristjan Järvi.
Preorder the album:

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Today, NEUE MEISTER released a very special EP of Sven's track RISE. As a reference to the time, when Sven was “raised”, he did an old school Deep House Mix, as well as some other mixes of this original orchestral track. The beautiful cover shot has been done by German actor Alexander Scheer showing fashion designer Esther Perbandt.

Have a listen:

Release of Pocket Symphonies Electronica

Today sees the release of POCKET SYMPHONIES ELECTRONICA.
In his electronica concerts, Sven played his orchestra compositions on the piano or vibraphone, some got radically edited in electronical deconstruction, some got pulses and beats. Now, the Berlin based NEUE MEISTER label is putting those reincarnations out on vinyl and digital.

AppleMusic | iTunes

I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain

Overwhelming resonance for the premiere of I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN on May 7th.
The sold out RADIALSYSTEM V in Berlin has been the perfect stage for Sven's new work for Choir and Electronics.
Thank you to: Kristjan Järvi, Vocalconsort Berlin, Esther Perbandt, Máni M. Sigfusson and the sound- and light team of RADIALSYSTEM V.

Photo by Claudia Weingart

Signed with Neue Meister Label

Sven signed with new Berlin based label NEUE MEISTER for two upcoming albums and one remix-EP.
In June he will release his long anticipated POCKET SYMPHONIES ELECTRONICA.
It will be available on vinyl and digital.
September sees the release of his new work for choir and electronics
I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN, for the first time showing Sven´s lyrical work as well.
The ten pieces are performed by VOCALCONSORT BERLIN, conducted by Kristjan Järvi.

Premier Performance

Sven will premier his new work for choir and electronics I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN on May 7h at RADIALSYSTEM V in Berlin. Conducted by Kristjan Järvi, the VOCALCONSORT BERLIN will perform the ten new compositions with Sven´s lyrics.
The Icelandic artist Máni Sigfússon will invent the visuals for this new production.
All dresses are created by fashion designer Esther Perbandt.
A poetic journey alongside the eternal search for meaning.
From the archaic KYRIE ELEISON, to Leopardi's L'INFINITO,
to modern reflections on the human soul as a beautiful but small part of nature.
Trailer: Radialsystem, Tickets, Infos:

Faust II in Weimar

In the 3rd year of his residency at the German National Theater in Weimar, Sven is composing the soundtrack for Goethe`s most enigmatic theater play Faust II. The stage music will be a mix of different, selfbuild mechanic devices and analog synthesizer elements. The premier performance will be on February 27th.

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Solanum for Esther Perbandt

Sven is again composing for fashion designer Esther Perbandt.
Her new collection will be shown at Radialsystem V in Berlin on January 19.
For the show, Esther is working with dancers of the fantastic Sasha Waltz Company.

Temporare Potsdam

The Potsdam based dance company OXYMORON started to collaborate with Sven on two new projects.
The first work will combine choreographer Anja Kozik's extraordinary dance and Sven's live electronics.
In the second project in September 2016 the Kammerakademie Potsdam will play Sven's 12 POCKET SYMPHONIES, while they get 12 different choreographies.