New Single - Lore 18 // December // 2021

Lore is the third single of my upcoming album Skills. It is about the influence of traditions on creative processes.
As a continuum we ourselves have lost this in Germany.
We subconsciously feel tradition and rub against it - we flee, long, renew, deny, nurture, destroy, transfigure it, but we will not be able to overcome its continuous background noise.
As a surreal vanitas daydream, I have portrayed this silent presence of tradition in my music video Lore, inspired by Armenian director Parajanov’s movie The Color of Pomegranates.
Parajanov’s non-narrative fusion of hypnotic pictures mirrors the continuous impact of tradition in his cultural world.
Saxon tradition and arts and crafts shaped my childhood. 
In my memories, my artistic thinking and my everyday life, they are fleetingly but continuously present...

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New Single - Repetition 12 // November // 2021

Repetition is the second single of Sven's upcoming album Skills. It features Chicago avantgarde sound artist Surachai. The visuals for Repetition are crafted by Polish video artist Ksawery Komputery. He created a machine learning algorithm, which is learning to draw a rose. The rose is the key visual element of Sven's new concept album.
Musicians on Repetition:
mondena quartet (strings)
Jörg Brückner (French Horn)
Robinson Wappler (French Horn)
Anne Grethen (French Horn)
Tom Götze (Tuba)

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Ksawery Komputery

New single - Vision 08 // October // 2021

Sven's first single Vision of his upcoming album Skills is out today via Berlin label Modern Recordings. The cover is handmade by the master engraver Matthias Köhler from Dresden. The album celebrates human crafts and innovation. The new music is composed for String quartet, French horns, Vibraphone and Electronics.
It features:
mondena quartet (strings)
Jörg Brückner (French Horn)
Robinson Wappler (French Horn)
Anne Grethen (French Horn)
Tom Götze (Tuba)

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Recording finished 05 // June // 2021

We finished the recording of 10 new pieces for the upcoming album Skills.
The new pieces are written for 3 French horns, Tuba and String quartet.
I had the pleasure to work again with Mondeana Quartet from Leipzig.
Among the wonderful brass players was Jörg Brückner, who is one of the best French horn players, I have ever heard.
I am now collecting ideas for the visual work, that will accompany the single releases and the live concerts. The Icelandic visual artis Mani M. Sigfusson will join the team once again, after our collaboration on I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain.
Thanks to a succesful Kickstarter campaign, I was able to make the most out of this Corona standstill. Thank you very much to all supporters! The releases of singles from the album will start end of September this year. The album has to wait until February 2022.