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Skills and Gerhard Richter

Sven's still life Skills gave its name to the group exhibition Skills for Peace in Berlin. Curated by Constanze Kleiner, Stephan von Wiese and Daniel Marzona, the exhibition featured works by renowned international artists such as Gerhard Richter, William Kentridge, Tony Cragg, Katharina Sieverding, Stefan Rinck and more. It was a special honour to lead such an important group of artists with this work. Skills was shown as an exclusive print in the size 1,55 m x 1,10 m and has already been sold to an art collector. The edition consists of a total of 3 elaborately framed high-quality prints. If interested, please contact the Gallery, see below.

Art Prize 2022

Thank you Dresden for honoring me with the prestigious Art Prize 2022 by the City of Dresden. I feel deep gratitude for the acknowledgment of my work and for having an artistic home at this wonderful place at the river Elbe.

Since 1993, the City of Dresden has awarded an annual art prize and up to two promotional prizes to promising young artists, ensembles and cultural workers. In each case, outstanding and nationally significant artistic work or cultural commitment is honoured.


My new album Skills is out today on Berlin label Modern Recordings.

In my parents' living room stands an elaborately hand-forged copper kettle – my grandfather's masterpiece, hammered out of a single piece of copper. Growing up in a family of craftsmen, I have been familiar since early childhood with the attitude of perfecting a thing for its own sake.

The deepening concentration and slow maturing of execution, the craft shares with spiritual rituals, with arts, sports and the sciences. I am touched by the sight of almost ideal expressions of human activity, be it a forged piece, a perfectly build sentence or an athletic performance. I dedicate my album SKILLS to this fascination.

The album is available on Vinyl, CD and on all streaming platforms.

Cover artwork: myself
String quartet: mondena quartet
French horns: Anne Grethen, Jörg Brückner, Robinson Wappler
Tuba: Tom Götze

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