crowdfunding for new album 17 // March // 2021

I just started a Crowdfunding campaign for my new album.
It will be called SKILLS. I would like to kindly ask you to become part of this new journey. This is, what SKILLS it is about:
I have always been fascinated, by human's ability to refine and master crafts -
sometimes to adapt to a changing world, sometimes to create art, sometimes just for its own sake. I dedicate SKILLS to this fascination.
Up until now we have been able to share our art thanks to the support of everyone, who has bought tickets to our concerts and listened to our music.
This musician-audience relationship has been an incredibly productive one throughout the past years, but this last year has highlighted that it is also a fragile one.
This is why we put SKILLS on the crowdfunding platform ‘Kickstarter’.
Please have a look and learn more about the idea behind it.
With your crucial help and involvement, we can realise it together, and I look forward very much to sharing it with you when it is complete.



Haingeraide Charity Compilation 25 // December // 2020

To support those, who have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, the artists of the German booking agency Von der Haardt came together to deliver a compilation album with all proceeds being donated to Médecins Sans Frontières, an independent humanitarian non-profit organization that provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.
Being part of the Von der Haardt artist family, Sven delivers the piece "Blurred". It is a rework for string quartet of the original track by Icelandic duo Kiasmos.
The title name “Haingeraide” derives from the Middle Ages, when German farmers established “Haingeraide” as a form of forest and land management cooperative. With unity and collaboration at its core, there couldn’t be a better title for a project like this.

"Blurred" on YouTube

"Blurred" on Spotify

Cello Concerto Release 19 // June // 2020

Today is the album release of the Cello Concerto Three Continents with soloist Jan Vogler and the WDR Symphony Orchestra under Cristian Macelaru. Composers Nico Muhly (USA), Zhou Long (China) and Sven Helbig each wrote one movement for the concerto that has been commissioned by Jan Vogler and the Dresden Music Festival. Sven composed the second movement Aria for the work.
“The music on this album deals with the role of artists within our society. Three Continents is a comment on the freedom of music as a global language that is yet passionately influenced by regional and cultural conditions. It is symbolic for everything that characterizes our globalized community.” says Jan Vogler.

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Piano Album Release 10 // March // 2020

Pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch released a new album with 12 of Sven's compositions for solo piano. The musical fellows started off playing music together in Dresden.
Being label mates at Berlin based brand Neue Meister, Clemens and Sven collaborated on this work, celebrating their common musical taste and their love for piano music.

Neue Meister
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