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I am honoured to be part of a commission for a collective requiem in memory of the 1989 revolution.
Seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe had experienced more or less violent revolutions in 1989, transforming them from communist dictatorships into democracies. The Banatul Philharmonic in Timișoara wants each movement to be written by a composer from one of these countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania) as a sign of a common message against tyranny, especially in these difficult times.
In 2023, Timișoara will be the European Capital of Culture. 16 December will mark the 34th anniversary of the anti-communist revolution that began in this city and spread throughout Romania. The premiere of the Requiem will take place on this day, 16 December 2023. I am composing the "Sanctus" for this Requiem.