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New Single – Lore

Lore is the third single of my upcoming album Skills. It is about the influence of traditions on creative processes. As a continuum we ourselves have lost this in Germany. We subconsciously feel tradition and rub against it – we flee, long, renew, deny, nurture, destroy, transfigure it, but we will not be able to overcome its continuous background noise. As a surreal vanitas daydream, I have portrayed this silent presence of tradition in my music videoLore, inspired by Armenian director Parajanov’s movie The Color of Pomegranates.

Parajanov’s non-narrative fusion of hypnotic pictures mirrors the continuous impact of tradition in his cultural world. Saxon tradition and arts and crafts shaped my childhood. In my memories, my artistic thinking and my everyday life, they are fleetingly but continuously present ...

My parents and grandparents left their homeland in Saxony and moved north to the planned city of Eisenhüttenstadt. Here they found work and modern flats. Far from home, traditions were cultivated all the more ardently and emphatically. Stollen (a Christmas cake), dumplings, Erzgebirge folk music and folk art are part of my childhood memories. I spent a good part of my early days I watched my grandfather crafting nutcrackers, which were then painstakingly painted and sold by my grandmother. Tradition survives not in show workshops, but in internalised care. In my family, this care is taken for granted, but I see it fading in younger generations.

The wonderful cover artwork is handmade by embroidery master Jacob de Graaf from Netherlands. The video has been filmed at Nutcracker Workshop Füchtner and at the house of Mrs. and Mr. Baubkus, Friedrichswalde (Saxony).

Musicians on Lore:
mondena quartet (strings)
Jörg Brückner (French Horn)
Robinson Wappler (French Horn)
Anne Grethen (French Horn)
Tom Götze (Tuba)