I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN - RELEASE 09 // September // 2016

Today, my new album I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain is ready to find you. It has been a long way since Pocket Symphonies and I am happy to offer you my next step today, which includes choir music, electronics and even my own lyrics.
Thank you very much to the wonderful Vocalconsort Berlin and Kristjan Järvi and to anybody involved in this. Special thanks to the crew at my label Neue Meister.

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Release Abendglühen video 29 // August // 2016

ABENDGLÜHEN is the first song of Sven's upcoming album I EAT THE SUN AND DRINK THE RAIN. Visual artist Sebastian Linda created a beautiful clip for it.
The 3 times-web-video-price winner works with Sven for the second time.
The album will be out September 9th on the new Berlin based label NEUE MEISTER and features Vocalconsort Berlin, conducted by Kristjan Järvi.
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RISE EP released on NEUE MEISTER 23 // July // 2016

Today, NEUE MEISTER released a very special EP of Sven's track RISE. As a reference to the time, when Sven was “raised”, he did an old school Deep House Mix, as well as some other mixes of this original orchestral track. The beautiful cover shot has been done by German actor Alexander Scheer showing fashion designer Esther Perbandt.
Have a listen:

Release of Pocket Symphonies Electronica 18 // June // 2016

Today sees the release of POCKET SYMPHONIES ELECTRONICA.
In his electronica concerts, Sven played his orchestra compositions on the piano or vibraphone, some got radically edited in electronical deconstruction, some got pulses and beats. Now, the Berlin based NEUE MEISTER label is putting those reincarnations out on vinyl and digital.

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