10 // January // 2013

Premiere: Sven Helbig - Pocket Symphonies - Yellow Lounge Concert, 25.02.2013, Dresden

Anyone who knows the Dresden-based composer and producer Sven Helbig knows that he is not one to react to the transient seductive powers of the Zeitgeist, but rather to search for a permanence which defies ephemerality.

He has managed this in an extremely impressive manner with his latest compositions, the “Pocket Symphonies” - symphonic pearls in the form of songs. Short, catchy and yet with the immensity and depth of the great classic symphonies, they draw on centuries of power and glory. These pieces can of course be listened to on the journey between underground stations, as they provide an outstandingly high-quality soundtrack for everyday life. However, one can also delve into them, expanding the moment and defying the irreversibility of time. In these twelve short pieces, the here-and-now invites eternity to join it in a dance.

Strongly varying images underlie the twelve short pieces for orchestra and piano quartet. However, they all have one thing in common. They are reminiscent of film music. This memorable visual language was deliberate on Helbig’s part. “Harmonies and melodies which have something to tell are used only in films now. This is frowned upon in the theatre, but in which other direction does one want to take so-called new music following Stockhausen? As soon as one writes a beautiful melody which also reflects what one experiences as a contemporary artist, then an association with film is created. Many composers would be totally unnerved if their music were compared with film music. I, on the other hand, find that wonderful, because these pieces are little walks through life.”

The Pocket Symphonies will be performed on February 25th 2013 at the Albertinum Dresden, Georg - Treu Platz.

Tickets: www.sz-ticketservice.de/pocket-symphonies.html

Composer: Sven Helbig
Fauré Quartett
MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony.
Conducter: Kristjan Järvi
Das junge Ensemble der Sächsischen Staatsoper Dresden
DJ Studio 17
Doors: 19.30 Uhr
Concert: 20:30 Uhr